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Best Heart Test


Best Heart Test

  • Test - at home panel for 8 key heart and metabolic health markers:


    1. ApoB - The most accurate indicator of long-term cardiovascular disease risk


    2. LDL-C - The standard indicator of cardiovascular disease risk


    3. Lipoprotein(a) - Lp(a) is the common marker of familial cardiovascular disease risk. (~20% of americans test high for Lp(a))


    4. eGFR - A measure of kidney health - keeping heart-damaging toxins out (based on creatinine measurement)


    5. HbA1c - Test to diagnose diabetes and assess metabolic risk


    6. Cholesterol - The total cholesterol in the blood


    7. HDL - C - The standard indicator of ‘healthy’ cholesterol


    8. Triglycerides - Total triglycerides in blood and indicator of pancreatitis risk

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