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Return Your Sample
  • When should I return my sample to the lab?
    We recommend that you collect your sample in the morning Monday-Friday and return it to the lab the same day. Please ensure you have read through all of the instructions included in your kit box and on our website before collecting your sample. Please ensure that you activate your kit online, before collecting your sample and returning it to the lab.
  • My order says it's been delivered but I didn't receive it. How do I find out where it is?
    If your order is listed as 'Delivered' but you have not received your order, there are several reasons for this. It is possible that your order was delivered but was placed in a more secure or discrete location. After checking to see if your order was left in an alternative location and you are still unable to locate your order, please contact the USPS center that was responsible for delivering your order. You may need the tracking number to access specific details of your delivery. If your order was delivered but you are unable to locate this delivery, please contact our customer support team at for further assistance and options.
  • Why should young people consider Full Loop Health Support for heart and metabolic health?
    Heart disease, the leading cause of death globally, is 70-90% preventable with early healthy habits. Fatty streaks form in arteries during late-teens, becoming fibrous plaques (atherosclerosis) in our twenties and thirties, leading to heart disease. Prioritizing heart health from a young age improves long-term outcomes and helps prevent disease.
  • What is full loop health support?
    Full Loop Health Support is a comprehensive approach to heart and metabolic health, combining 1) testing for heart health markers, 2) personalized coaching on lifestyle strategies, and 3) progress tracking using an app. It offers insight into users' internal health, customized coaching for long-term wellness, and regular re-testing to ensure positive impacts on their bodies.
  • Why is ApoB the best blood marker for long-term heart health prediction?
    ApoB, like A1C for metabolic health, offers a comprehensive picture of long-term heart health by measuring atherogenic particles linked to plaque formation. Although the American medical community still focuses on direct LDL-C, recent guidelines and studies recognize ApoB's superior predictive power. As awareness grows, ApoB is expected to replace direct LDL-C as the primary indicator for heart health risk.
  • Do I have to go to a lab to test my health markers like ApoB?
    No, we provide a convenient finger-prick test using patented technology, allowing you to test health markers at home.
  • How can I trust the lab results?
    Our partner lab is CLIA certified, follows strict federal guidelines, and uses calibrated measurements for high-quality results. We provide detailed instructions for sample collection and mailing.
  • How is my data kept private?
    We adhere to HIPAA standards for sensitive patient data protection, ensuring physical, network, and process security measures for protected health information (PHI). Learn more at

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