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At-Home Heart Test

7-step instructions

Watch the video and follow the instructions step-by-step
01 Check
Step 1: Check before starting
・⌚️ Set aside some time: your sample will take 60 minutes before it dries and is ready to be shipped.
・💧 Drink a bottle of water (16 oz) before taking the sample, drawing blood is difficult when dehydrated.
・📦 Ship the collection card ASAP, the card expires after 14 days.
・❓️ Questions about how/when to test? Contact us at
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Step 2: Fill out details on the collection card and gather kit items
・Place the collection card on a clean, dry surface like a desk or a countertop.
・Write your information on the lines at the bottom of the card.
01 Name
02 Date of birth
03 Date of sample collection
・Gather the items from the test kit.
01  Place the collection card in the center.
02 Tear open the gauze pad and band-aid packaging and set them aside for later use.
Step 3: Important tips before you collect your sample
・Wash hands with warm water immediately before taking the sample.
It will bring blood to the surface of the hands.
・Remain standing while collecting the sample.
・Make sure to prick the finger on its sides!
・Do NOT touch the card during the sample collection process.
This helps the flow of blood.
This reduces pain and discomfort when using the finger later.
Step 4: Collect sample
Remove the protective tip from the lancet, twist the cap and pull.
Use the alcohol pad to clean your ring fingertip and allow it to dry. Find a spot on the right or left side of your ring finger and press down the lancet till you hear a click. Once you prick it, wipe away the first drop of your blood.
Stretch your arm down towards the table, and without your finger touching the card, allow drops of blood to fall freely onto the square box on the test card. Do not drop any blood in the rectangle box. Place 4-6 large drops in the square to the left, or as many as it takes to fill the card past the first line marker. It may take several minutes to get enough blood. It helps to massage your lower arm with your opposite hand.
Do not squeeze your finger tip, it will cause hemolysis.
clear serum.png
Once the blood passes the first line marker, press down on your fingertip using the remaining gauze pad and then apply the band-aid.
If you weren’t able to fill up the card with one prick, repeat above steps and give a new finger a prick with the extra lancet.
Step 5: Wait for the sample to dry
Let the collection cards dry for 60 minutes.
Meanwhile, you can place the used lancet and gauze dressings in the bio-disposal bag and discard in a proper container.

Please don’t close the website – we'll continue working in the background.
Just make sure not to force close it, so we can notify you with updates in 60 minutes.
Step 6: Check card eligibility
One last thing before sending it our way, check your dried collection card:
Eligible sample
Congratulations, your collection card is ready to be sent our way!
Ineligible sample
Contact for a new at-home kit.
Make sure the blood passes the first line and has clear serum.
If the red blood doesn’t pass the first line, our lab will not be able to analyze your sample.
If there is enough blood on the cards, but hemolysis has occurred during the separation of the whole blood (whole red blood cells have crossed over the serum), the card will be rejected too.
Avoid squeezing your fingertip
too hard when taking the test
to reduce the risk of hemolysis.
step 07
Step 7: Send it our way!
・Tear open the blood sample return pouch. Don’t remove any of the contents inside.
・Place the card inside the pouch and seal. Place blood sample return pouch into the mailer with the pre-paid shipping label.
・Drop off mailer at your nearest USPS box or in mail box the same day as collection.
You are all set!
The results will be available on the web portal - we will send you an email when your result is ready.
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