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White Label

Elevate Your Business With Customizable, Top-Quality User Experience

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We provide a fully customizable testing solution for your organization, featuring a secure infrastructure that links your customers to top-tier labs and valuable health data.

Customizable Test

By selecting your custom panel, we provide a comprehensive package featuring our specialized white-label mass-testing experience.

Easy Integration

Connect to our robust API to deliver HIPAA-compliant, physician-reviewed test results sourced from CLIA-certified labs. Benefit from transparency and customizable options to suit your specific needs.

Interactive Results

Participants are provided with personalized web portals dedicated to promoting long-term health and well-being, offering information about heart health and facilitating follow-up care coordination.

Greater Engagement

Unlock deeper customer insights with continuous care, strategically allocate marketing resources using data-driven insights, and monitor your sales funnel in real-time for optimal engagement.

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Customized Result Delivery

Our user-friendly workflows are simple and streamlined, delivering tailored solutions directly within our web portal to meet your specific needs.


Stay Informed

By using data-driven strategies, you can make informed decisions that drive business growth.


Deliver impactful health data

Our API delivers HIPAA-compliant, physician-reviewed results that are easy to understand.

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Apply your branding

Easily customize your test packaging and any other collateral with just a few questions.



Choose your custom panel

Create a custom biomarker panel that’s uniquely yours based on your business objectives.

We're where your audience is


Mass testing coverage in all states

Build custom panels with your brand identity

Endless Health, in collaboration with the Family Heart Foundation, is a pioneer in preventive healthcare, focused on enhancing heart health through innovative and accessible testing solutions. The at-home testing kits offering a comfortable and straightforward way to understand your heart health.

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